Trust Chem-Dry with Your Rug Cleaning Needs

May 15, 2024

white dog sits on clean area rugAre you looking for an oriental rug cleaning service you can trust to treat your area rugs with the dedicated care they require? It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have a hard time identifying a reliable partner that can clean area rugs and oriental rugs in a thorough but gentle manner. 

After all, a rug serves so much more than a practical purpose. Typically, rugs are chosen for their unique style, their sentimental value, or the ambiance they add to a room. Only by giving your rug the professional care it needs can you protect its integrity and beautiful design so it can last for generations.

Why Your Choice of Professional Rug Cleaners Is So Important

The process of selecting an oriental rug cleaning service shouldn’t be a snap decision. We highly recommend taking the time to find professionals who will employ time-tested methods to remove any dirt, dust, and buildup that has accumulated in your rug over time. 

These steps should be taken with an understanding of the specific type of textile your rug is made from, as well as the weaving and dying techniques that were used in its creation. This combination of expertise and care will leave you with a fresh rug that can continue to reflect your stylistic preferences for years to come.

About Our Rug Cleaning Process

Choosing Chem-Dry to clean area rugs in your home can give you peace of mind. You can be confident your rugs will be cleaned by experienced experts who are renowned for their precision and in-depth knowledge of rug types. 

Our process for oriental rug cleaning always begins with a careful analysis of the current state of your rug. We have successfully cleaned and maintained many different types of rugs, and we know that each has unique qualities. From different forms of construction to different materials and even age-related considerations, these factors play a significant role in how we tailor our cleaning approach to your unique rug.

Once we have assessed the details of your rug and determined the best plan of action for its care, we will get started with our deep cleaning methodology. This innovative process carefully lifts embedded dust and soil from the backing of the rug, all while protecting its vibrancy, design patterns, and colors. In some cases, we may recommend taking your rug off-site for a special bath, while in others we will be able to clean the rug in your home. No matter which route we take, we will prioritize the preservation of everything that makes your rug unique without cutting any corners that could result in a less-than-comprehensive clean.

Restore Your Rug with Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning

Your rug provides a soft, cushioned surface for bare feet and it muffles noises that would otherwise turn into echoes throughout your home. It can also have an impact on your indoor air quality. Its textile fibers are capable of taking particles of dust and dander into their embrace, holding onto them so that they don’t fly off into the air you breathe.

Unfortunately, this process can also result in a rug that becomes caked with dust and dirt. With regular professional oriental rug cleaning, you can restore your rug’s capacity to make your home a clean, healthy, and comfortable space while extending its lifespan and enhancing its appearance.

Trust the team at Chem-Dry for oriental rug cleaning and worry less about how to preserve your favorite pieces. Call us at (800) CHEM-DRY today to learn more about how we clean area rugs!