Chem-Dry offers professional carpet cleaning products that are designed to keep your carpets, fabrics and upholstery looking sparkling clean in between our professional cleanings. Our range of cleaning products includes everything you should need to remove the majority of common household stains from your carpet and upholstery.

Please note difficult stains may require a Specialty Stain Removal analysis from your local Chem-Dry professional.

Buy professional strength Spot Remover by Chem-Dry

Professional Strength Spot Remover

Professional Strength Spot Remover lifts stains to the surface, making them easier to remove

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Buy Professional Strength Grease & Oil Remover by Chem-Dry from your local service provider

Professional Grease and Oil Remover

Some stains are downright nasty, especially the ones that are grease or adhesive based. To fight them we offer this powerful solvent spotter. It removes those stubborn spots created by grease and oil that other stain removers may not be able to tackle.

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Buy World Famous Pet Odor Remover from your Chem-Dry representative

Professional Pet Odor Remover

Be prepared to instantly tackle any stains or messes left behind by your pet with Chem-Dry Pet Odor Removal. This formula is designed to lift fresh, minor pet odors and stains from your carpet. This is the perfect tool to utilize between Chem-Dry cleaning appointments.

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Buy Carpet Deodorizer from your local Chem-Dry representative

Professional Carpet Deodorizer

Our deodorizers keep your carpet smelling as good as it looks. They counteract smoke, cooking, pet, and other unwanted odors found in homes or vehicles.

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