Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services by Chem-Dry

Businesses across the country and around the world choose Chem-Dry to keep their offices, retail, and commercial spaces clean and healthy. Chem-Dry is the ideal commercial carpet cleaning choice for businesses of all sizes – from small local businesses to multi-location operations and coast-to-coast national accounts. 

We deliver a deeper clean that is healthier for your employees and customers without interfering with your business activities. With our continuous innovation, we have developed state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning solutions. As a result, we can deliver a professional cleaning service that provides a deeper clean, allows carpets and upholstery to dry faster, and creates a healthier work environment.

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Chem-Dry is an international franchise with nearly 3,500 locations worldwide, which positions us to meet the carpet and upholstery cleaning needs of commercial customers that have locations all across the U.S. or even internationally.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Office, Retail, and Commercial Spaces  

Whether you need a one-time cleaning to get ready for a special meeting or a regular maintenance plan customized to your business operation, Chem-Dry can help! 

Our team of technicians can handle everything from the smallest local job to the biggest and most challenging national jobs correctly and on time. Here are some of the ideal business types for our commercial carpet cleaning service: 

  • Offices and office buildings 

  • Worker cubicles 

  • Convention centers 

  • Schools and classrooms 

  • Theaters  

  • Churches 

  • Senior living facilities 

  • Department stores 

  • Retail stores 

  • Doctor, dentist, and other medical practitioner offices  

  • Showrooms 

  • Hotels and motels 

  • Restaurants 


Coast-to-Coast National Accounts for Commercial Carpet Cleaning 

For businesses with locations in multiple states or locations across the world, our large Chem-Dry network offers a high level of consistency and simplicity. We can eliminate the hassle of having to work with multiple service providers. Chem-Dry cleans many of the nation’s leading retailers, housing facilities, and office complexes. 

With nearly 3,500 locations worldwide, Chem-Dry offers an international network of carpet and upholstery cleaners and an industry-leading, globally consistent cleaning process. This uniquely positions us to meet your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs by delivering outstanding results in a more streamlined, time-efficient manner. 

For more information and a quote for your national business, fill out the form below or call 877-722-2457.  

Chem-Dry currently services many of the nation’s leading retailers, housing facilities, office complexes, and other commercial locations. National account clients include companies in the following industries: 

  • Travel 

  • Hotel 

  • Restaurant 

  • Airline 

  • Retail  

  • Senior & Assisted Living 

  • Offices and Office Buildings 

Benefits of choosing Chem-Dry for your national account 

  • Service multiple locations with a single consolidated program and provider 

  • Single source contact  

  • Consolidated monthly billing 

  • Customized services to fit specific requirements of individual or collective locations 

  • Consistent quality of service throughout all facilities and locations 


Premiere support for National Accounts  

Our National Account clients have come to expect a higher standard that extends well beyond cleaning services. Chem-Dry delivers an industry-leading cleaning system for a longer-lasting, healthier, faster-drying clean along with a first-class support team. 

Chem-Dry premiere support includes: 

  • Consistency in training across the country, with mandated obligations for ongoing annual training 

  • Assignment of a dedicated Account Manager responsible for your account who acts as the single point of contact for your facilities’ needs anywhere in the US 

  • Work Order management for each location in your portfolio of facilities 

  • A Quality Assurance Program that is comprehensive, immediate, and built around your managers’ ultimate satisfaction 



Fill out the form below or call 877-722-2457 to get a quote for your national account. For local commercial carpet cleaning, contact a Chem-Dry in your local market to get a quote.