Spring Weather Gets Tracked on Your Carpet…Don’t Let It Stay!

April 14, 2014

It’s not just the snow and sleet of the winter months that can cause havoc on your carpets. Spring time is an opportunity (if you’re not careful) for your carpets to take a beating too! Air born pollen, and the influx of bees and bugs coming out of hibernation (and into your home) can cause your carpets to become worn and torn well before the season is over. Here are some tips to keep your carpets in perfect working order so that you can stay chipper throughout the cheerful Springtime weather.

No Shoes, No Service

The weather has turned from cold and dreary to cheerful and sunny, but that doesn’t mean you’re without an occasional afternoon of rain. ‘April showers before May flowers’, which means it’s especially important to enforce a “no shoes, no service” rule in your home in order to avoid mud tracks on your cream colored carpet.

If you, your children or your pets have just come from outside, shoes must come off in order to prevent dirt, pollen and mud from entering inside. Just think about it: what you touch outside touches the bottom of your shoes. And, what touches your shoes touches your carpet—a carpet that your family members sit, stand and lie down on. The cleaner your carpets remain, the cleaner your entire household remains.

Shop around for a nice wicker basket that everyone can place their shoes in, and verbalize why you’re enforcing this rule. Place a sign by your front door, right above your shoe basket that gently reminds others of this new household rule. Within a few short days, everyone (even your reluctant teenager) will belong to the “no shoes, no service” club!

Spot Clean Daily

With springtime, expect leaves to be dragged in, an occasional bug or two—none of which you want on your carpets, but inevitably come with the territory of this season. The good news is, is that while you can’t control some things (like pollen landing on your carpets fibers) you can control others. Daily maintenance such as spot cleaning and vacuuming can make a world of difference, and dramatically affect the health and cleanliness of your entire home.

Dust the mantle, coffee table, bookshelves and window sills. Be on the lookout for any knick knacks or corners of your home that attract dust bunnies. Vacuum your carpets, which will only take a few minutes a day.  Be thorough when going over the most frequented patches of carpet in your home, such as where your dog or cat sleeps, or where people tend to walk the most (such as  a hallway or entryway leading to the kitchen.) 

One of the biggest joys of Spring isn’t always about enjoying being outside but rather, being inside your home! Spots and stains will arise from time to time, and even with a “no shoes, no service” policy, some mud, dust, and dirt will come in, but staying on top of them on a daily basis will keep your carpets healthy and happy.

Professional Help with Spring Cleaning

Do you need some help with spring cleaning? Make an appointment with Chem-Dry today or call your local Chem-Dry for a free, no-obligation quote! Their low water, faster drying system is guaranteed to get your carpets clean in less time—so you can enjoy all that Spring has to offer, inside and out!