Shoes at the Door Mean Less Germs on the Floor

April 27, 2016

The Japanese do it, and they’ve been doing it for centuries: upon entering a home, they believe that when you leave your shoes at the door, you also leave the outside world (dirt, grime and “toxic” energy) at the door, as well.

Whether or not you believe in their traditional, ancient philosophy, you may agree with this: leave your shoes at the door, and eliminate the dirt, dust, and contaminants that enter your home! If you want to keep your carpets in tip top shape, implement a ‘no shoes’ policy. You may be surprised at how much it makes a difference!

Dragging it in No More (When You Leave Shoes at the Door)

When was the last time you looked at the bottom of your shoes before dragging them all over your new crème colored carpets? Most people don’t think before they walk. They enter their homes, and enjoy the comforts of their living room, bedroom and kitchen without being the wiser.

If you’re used to walking around your home with your shoes on, you’re potentially staining your carpet with the following: dirt, pollen, petrol fumes, sand, snow and rain. You could also be soiling your carpets with pesticides and animal excrement—yikes! Whether you live alone or have a busy household with children and pets, keeping your shoes at the door is a smart, fast and easy way to ensure that your home (and its inhabitants) are as healthy as possible.

Here are some tips to get everyone in your household on board.

Place a Sign in the Doorway

Enforcing a “no shoes!” policy may seem like a drastic option for cleaner carpets, but just a day or two of following your new household rule and it will seem like an old habit you’ve been committed to for years. If you have forgetful children (or a resistant spouse!) put up a friendly sign in your doorway. Add some humor by jotting down a little rhyme to get everyone on board, or get into the habit of gently reminding everyone about your New Year’s resolution: to keep your new carpets looking new as long as possible (and you need their help to make that happen!) 

Set Up a ‘No Shoes’ Station by Your Front Door

If you build it, they’ll follow your lead—especially when you provide for them a ‘slipper shelf’ they can help themselves to! Designate an area by your front door with “cubbies” they can place their shoes in, upon entering your home. Buy some slippers in various child and adult sizes that they can help themselves to, should they feel uncomfortable walking barefoot in your home.

The best way to keep pollutants away from your carpets is by nipping it at the source! When you enforce a “no shoes, no service” policy in your home, you’ll keep your home clean and your family healthy. It’s a win/win, and one of the best ways to maintain beautiful carpets in between your professional carpet cleanings! 

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