Rug Cleaning Tips: DIY Spot Removal

December 22, 2021

rug cleaning tipsYou may try your very hardest to keep your delicate oriental carpets, handmade rugs, or antique rugs free of stains. However, the cold hard truth is that accidents happen. Rather than going into panic mode every time someone walks across your rug with a drink or sticky, drippy substance, have an arsenal of gentle rug cleaning tools and techniques at the ready to take care of spills and stains when they inevitably happen.

The main thing to keep in mind when it comes to rug cleaning and spot removal is that your rug needs special care. Depending on when it was made and the process used to weave it, the fibers and dyes your rug is composed of may be incredibly delicate. 

As a result, you simply can’t use conventional cleaning techniques to get rid of stains or deep-set grime. In fact, using the wrong rug cleaning method could further damage your investment and cause the stain to actually appear worse than it did originally. 

The good news is you’re not alone in your pursuit of maintaining a pristine rug. At Chem-Dry, we recognize the value and beauty of our clients’ most prized rugs, whether they are historical antiques, nostalgic heirlooms, or travel souvenirs. We’ve collected a few of our experienced technicians’ most trusted tips for stain removal and rug cleaning to avoid having a common accident ruin your treasured rug.

6 Rug Cleaning Tips

Tip #1: Don’t procrastinate when dealing with stains.

As we mentioned, there’s no reason to go into a panic when a liquid or sticky substance comes into contact with your rug. However, it is important to get to work right away to prevent additional damage. By moving quickly, you can negate some of the more harmful effects of stain-causing products before they have a chance to bond with rug fibers and seep into the backing. 

Tip #2: Avoid scrubbing or rubbing at all costs.

We all do it. Whether it’s tomato sauce on a white shirt or chocolate ice cream on the carpet, our immediate reaction is to rub at the stain as if we were wiping away dry-erase marker from a whiteboard. 

However, fabrics aren’t whiteboards, and rubbing can cause significant damage by pushing the pigment even deeper into the delicate fibers. Rather than rubbing, carefully dab or press a cloth onto the stain to soak up as much pigment as possible. 

Tip #3: Don’t dab with just any cloth. 

It’s great if you remember to dab at the stain instead of rubbing it, but if you’re using a colored cloth, you may be only adding to an already messy situation. Remember, colored or patterned cloths contain dye as well. When they come into contact with the liquid in the rug, some of that dye may transfer over. 

Keep clean white cotton cloths in an easy-to-reach place to avoid ever accidentally grabbing a colored tea towel for this purpose.

Tip #4: Know how to remedy burn stains.

Burn marks are a different category of stains and can be particularly frustrating when you consider the damage fire and extreme heat can do to your rug. Unlike normal stains, dabbing won’t do the trick here. 

Take a close look at the rug, and you’ll notice that the burn is likely only affecting the very top portion of the carpet fibers. If this is indeed the case, you’re in luck. Just trim away the burnt bit of each fiber with cosmetic scissors and carefully brush the unaffected fibers around the shorter pieces.

Tip #5: Book regular rug cleaning appointments.

If you’ve started to notice spots on your rug but know they aren’t the result of some kind of accident, it may be because your rug is long overdue for a professional cleaning. Professional rug cleaners, like the technicians at Chem-Dry, can carefully remove deep-set dirt and grime that has become compacted in your rug over time and manifests as spots or stain-like marks.

Tip #6: Know when to call for professional help.

When it comes to your rug, it’s best not to risk making a wrong move trying to get out stubborn stains from pet urine, coffee, juice, wine, or other highly pigmented substances. After carefully dabbing the stain with a white cloth to absorb excess liquid, call your local Chem-Dry technician for spot removal right away.

Are you ready to experience the difference Chem-Dry can make for your rug? Call (800) CHEM-DRY today to get in touch with a rug cleaning expert near you!