Preparing Your Home for the Big Messy SuperBowl Party

January 05, 2015

Football fans around the country start getting Super Bowl fever!  Everyone is excited not only to cheer on their favorite team, but  look forward to food, celebrations, and Super Bowl parties.  While a big Super Bowl party might bring food, fun, and excitement, it also tends to bring a big mess with it!  Don’t be left fretting over Super Bowl cleanup. You can prepare yourself in advance for the big day.

Spill-Proof Your Home

You can start the clean-up process before the party even begins by making your home spill proof.  The first step is to place rugs, mats, or runners over your carpet to protect your carpet from spills.  Choose a rug or runner that is inexpensive and can be easily washed.  You might even consider choosing a clear, plastic runner as a temporary solution for the evening.  These can be placed in areas where you anticipate the most traffic.  You can also cover your furniture with a slip cover to prevent stains and damage on your upholstery. 

Choose the Right Foods

When selecting the menu for your party, you might consider finger foods that can be easily picked up and won’t leave a stain if dropped.  You might also choose dips and drinks that are less likely to leave a dark stain.  Make sure you have plenty of plates and napkins scattered around the house, making it convenient for guests to stay tidy and clean. 

Be Ready to Take Action

While you might take proper measures to prevent spills in your home, accidents are bound to happen.  Be sure you are equipped with stain and spot removers for when those spills and messes take place.  The quicker you take action, the less likely your carpet will sustain permanent damage from spills. 

Post-Party Cleanup

While you might be exhausted by the time your party finally draws to a close, it is important to begin the clean-up process right away.  This does not mean cleaning your house from top to bottom late into the evening.  This simply means that you should walk around and carefully inspect your home for spills.  It can be easy to miss a spilled drink in the midst of the party.  By doing a thorough walk-through before bed, you can spot any spills that might have been overlooked.  This will prevent stains from soaking in overnight.  The next day, you can begin a more thorough cleaning which will include vacuuming and spot cleaning if necessary.

By taking the appropriate measures, you can ensure that your party will be fun and stress free.  You will save yourself time and the hassle of a major cleanup by addressing messes as they happen.  You can stop worrying about saving your carpet and upholstery and enjoy a night of fun, friends, and football!

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