Natural Carpet Cleaning for Pets

August 19, 2015

If you are a homeowner with a pet, then you have probably searched for ways to keep your home looking and smelling fresh. While pets provide us with plenty of companionship, they can also provide our home with unwanted odors. One of the best ways to maintain a fresh and clean home is to keep your floors and carpets clean. Routine mopping and vacuuming is certainly important, but it is not enough when dealing with pet odors. The oils and fur from your pet’s skin can penetrate deep into your carpet fibers, making it difficult for vacuuming alone to eliminate the odors. It is highly recommended to have your carpets professionally cleaned on a routine basis to help eliminate these unwanted odors. 

When choosing the right carpet cleaner for your home, be sure to take your pet’s health and safety into consideration. You wouldn’t dream of feeding your pet food that has been contaminated or washing them with soaps that contain unsafe chemicals, so why clean your carpets with soaps that contain these same contaminants? Your pet probably spends much of its time curled up on your carpet, so choose a carpet cleaner that you can feel good about.

There are professional carpet cleaning services, such as Chem-Dry, that offer greener cleaning methods for your carpet. Not only does this method provide a deep clean for your carpets, but it uses non-toxic products straight from Mother Nature that are safe and nontoxic for your family and pets. There is no need to worry that chemicals from your carpet cleaner are affecting your pet’s skin and overall health. Rather, you can relax knowing that your carpets have been cleaned with a product that is safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly. If your pet likes to relax on the furniture, there are also natural products that can be used to safely clean your upholstery as well.

The health and safety of your family and your pets is priceless. Don’t risk it by using harsh cleaning products in your home. You can achieve the results you want without the risk by sticking with all natural cleaning products that are nontoxic. You will not only have a fresh, clean home…but more importantly you will have a healthy home. That’s something to be proud of!

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