Configure Love Your Leather: A Fool Proof Guide to Caring For Your Leather Furniture

January 02, 2015

Your leather couch is the bomb. It rules. It steals the show.  It fact, it’s kind of the highlight of your entire living room. So, the question shouldn’t be, “What is your leather furniture doing for you,” but instead, “What are you doing for your leather furniture?” Give your leather some love by caring and cleaning it the right way. Here’s a guide to show you just how to accomplish just that.

Use a Clean Cloth to Get Rid of Spills and Stains

Spills and stains can be a nightmare for many types of synthetic fabric. But, because leather is a natural fabric (that ages well when taken care of) it is relatively easy to clean up. Did your teenager just spill a few drops of soda on your favorite leather seat? Did you drop your coffee cup (half full of strong Italian roast) onto your red leather couch?

When it’s leather, it’s a no-brainer! Simply take a clean, damp rag and wipe the affected area clean. Just be sure to steer clear of chemical-based products. Products that contain detergents can actually damage your leather instead of cleaning up the spills you intended, causing long term damages to ensue instead of a short term solution.

Restoring Leather Furniture

Throughout the lifetime of your leather furniture it is bound to get a couple nicks and scrapes along the way. Our Chem-Dry Certified Technicians are well-trained to address just these problems with leather furniture. We take time to inspect your leather furniture and apply special pigmentation that matches perfectly with your furniture’s original tan. We can also revitalize the color of sensitive aniline leathers.

Clean and Youthful Looking Leather (The Chem-Dry Way)

When was the last time your leather cushions received a professional cleaning? While you may know that leather furniture has an impressive life span, it’s up to you to meet it halfway. Meaning? If you don’t protect it from pen marks and cat scratches over the years, it can quickly go from looking meticulous to looking as if it’s begging for mercy.

Chem-Dry offers a gently approach to cleaning your leather, while giving it all the vibrancy and shine you expect to be restored. Contact a Chem-Dry Certified Leather Specialist today for more information, and give your leather some much needed love!