Keeping the Kids Sports Off of the Carpet

September 18, 2014

Back to school season is here, and for your household that means activity—and lots of it! Getting the kids out of the door on time, cleaning up the house, and shuffling them back and forth to dance recitals, soccer, and two-a-days football practice can leave you (and your house) looking frazzled and worn out. When each child participates in a different sport, how do you keep it off of your carpets? Here’s our guide to boosting their confidence for their new found athletic skills, while saving your carpet in the process.

Put Together a ‘Sports Box’ and Place it By the Front Door

No matter how easy going or strong willed your child may be, they’ll respect you when their favorite activity becomes a ‘family affair’. You attend your toddler’s soccer game, teenager’s golf match and your daughter’s volleyball tournament. But on the same token, explain to them how important it is that they respect the rules of the house—just as they respect the rules of the ‘game’.  

Think about how often children are getting told what not to do—without any instruction or explanation about why they shouldn’t do it. Explain why keeping your carpet clean is important, and even more important, is following a new rule: upon entering the home, all sports equipment goes in the ‘sports box’. Enlist the help of your family members to decorate the box, and have them sign it, in agreement. Then, place the box right next to your front door. Reinforcing this ‘rule’ will take a week or two, but stay on top of it! Within a short time, they’ll be on board—and enjoying their clean carpets as much as you are!

Enforce a Daily Tasks Chart

Maintaining a clean, tidy house is a family affair. So, why are you bearing the burden of the sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and dusting by yourself? Delegating small tasks to each member of your family is a win/win, as it allows your children to understand responsibility and what being a team player is all about (which will help them to be a better athlete!) Put together a ‘chart planning party’ and assign each member to certain household tasks that need to be done each week.

Here’s the secret to their enthusiasm: place bowls of ice cream around the table, with every topping they love. While they eat their mound of a sundae, explain what your chart is all about. The result? Happy tummies, and a happy, clean home! 

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