I Cleaned and Cleaned but the Stain Came Back

December 03, 2014

person cleaning carpet stainHave you ever spilled something on your carpet, cleaned it up, and it looked good as new, only to find that the stain reappears a day or two later?  This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you have thoroughly cleaned the area multiple times.  In order to properly address this issue, you should first understand what is happening. 

The substance that was spilled on the carpet has done more than leave a surface stain.  The substance has soaked deep down into the backing of the carpet.  When you first cleaned the stain you were able to get rid of the stain on the surface of the carpet, but the substance is also trapped in the backing or underpad of the carpet.  The carpet has reabsorbed the spill and it has made its way up the carpet fibers and back to the surface of the carpet where it is visible. 

Depending on the severity of the stain, you may or may not be able to remove it on your own.  The first thing you should try is to take a clean towel and place it over the stain.  You will need to put a lot of pressure on the stain to blot it and try to absorb the spill.  You can apply pressure by adding a stack of heavy books on top of the towel and leaving it for several hours.  This will help to soak up much of the stain.  You can then clean the area as you normally would. 

If this is not successful and the stain reappears, you will need to address a larger issue.  You need to clean and absorb the stain from the underpad or backing.  If this were the case, you should consult a professional carpet cleaning service like Chem-Dry that is trained to address this type of issue.  With specialized machinery and the proper cleaning solvent, they might be able to remove the stain without removing the carpet itself.  Otherwise, you will need to consider cutting a portion of your carpet and replacing it altogether. 

When dealing with stubborn stains and spills, it is best to work with trained professionals who can guide you on the proper care of your carpet.  You want to avoid any further damage that you might cause to your carpet.  A professional carpet cleaning service can provide you with a plan to tackle even your toughest stains.  Consider the expertise and convenience of Chem-Dry when dealing with reappearing stains.