How to Keep Your Carpets Clean this Holiday Season

November 14, 2014

family sitting around a holiday dinner tableWith each day that passes, the upcoming ‘3 big ones' are coming —Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas! They are right around the corner. No matter how unprepared you may feel about its homecoming, your carpets are no doubt feeling it too. Here’s how to be ‘one up’ on the holiday hectic-ness by prepping your carpets to be at their best!   

Oy!—What Dirt the Holidays Can Bring to Your Carpets!

The holidays are great, aren’t they? You get to play catch up on with relatives from near and far. There’s your daughter’s Christmas recital, and your son’s holiday play. Who doesn’t love celebratory toasts, tree trimming and perhaps the biggest event of all—the annual holiday party you host? Your carpets probably don’t love it, with the annual wine spills, mud tracks and outside debris that makes its way in. Here’s how to keep the spills and stains to a minimum:

  • Hire a professional such as Chem-Dry to apply a protectant to your carpet. What’s the real secret to blasting red wine stains out of your carpet, quickly and efficiently? By hiring a professional to apply tough protectant to your carpet, of course! Prepare for the holiday season (and all the spills and stains that come with your holiday gatherings) by having Chem-Dry apply a stain resistant solution to your carpets that has stain blockers so that soils have nowhere to soak in and can easily be rinsed from the carpets. Contact your local Chem-Dry, and let the professionals prepare your most vulnerable and high traffic areas for success before the food staining opportunities of the holiday season begin.
  • Notify your guests to leave their shoes at the door. One of the quickest and easiest ways to eliminate mud, dirt, and grime from outdoors from coming into your home is by setting up a shoe station at your front door. With those out-of-state family that come for a visit, let them know (with a smile) their shoes are safe in your home—by the front door. Surely they’ll understand the pride you have for your carpets, and chances are, they’ll be more than happy to oblige.
  • If the weather is warm enough, bring the party outdoors! Some parts of the country are lucky enough to have mild winter weather. If you live in Texas, Arizona or California, you may be one of the few that can comfortably host a ‘winter wonderland’ themed party outdoors! Save the risk of Aunt Margret or Uncle Ned having ‘one too many’ drinks and spilling it all over your leather sofa and cream colored carpet by moving the entire party outdoors from the start. Hang lights over the entryway, set up a bar by your outdoor kitchen and get your neighbor to make an appearance as ‘that man who laughs with a bowl full of jelly!” You’re bound to have the party of the season, and with gorgeous carpets that maintain perfect condition.  

Prepare for the holiday season by contacting Chem-Dry, the cleaning experts you can trust! They offer a ‘tough on stains, healthy for your home’ carpet solution and protectant that will keep the spills and stains away—no matter how many visitors you get!