How Do I Protect My Expensive Persian Rug?

March 11, 2014

persian rug on floorMost likely it took some time for you to find the exact rug that would appropriately reflect your taste, personality and décor. Whether you have a Persian, Native American or Oriental rug, it’s an investment; perhaps it’s even a piece of art. You want your beautiful (and expensive) rug to remain in the best shape possible—now, and for years to come. Here are three fool proof ways to keep it looking brand new.

Purchase a Rug Pad

Did you know that the quickest place for a rug to wear out is not on top, but underneath? Every time it’s walked on, your rug is being worn (and possibly torn.)  Considering the amount of shifting that occurs daily, it only makes sense to protect it as best as possible. A rug pad can give the underneath area of your rug the proper protection it needs and allow it to stay put—even when placed in high traffic areas of your home.

Remove Stains Gently

No matter where your rug is located, stains happen. And when it does, here’s a step-by-step protocol for minimizing permanent damage:

  • When it comes to rug cleaning (as opposed to carpets or upholstery), there’s not a ‘one size fits all.’ You need to first consider the material your rug is made of, in order to know which cleaning method will work best.
  • Is your rug made of silk? Wool? Jute? Read the manufacturer's instructions carefully and search for any warnings that may potentially ruin the fabric.
  • If you don’t want to take any chances or are uncertain about the proper cleaning protocol for your rug, put your trust in Chem-DryChem-Dry professionals are trained to clean all types of rugs. They’ll evaluate your rug and use specialized tools and equipment designed to be effective, yet gentle and safe.

Vacuum Frequently

Just as you would do for maintaining clean carpets, it’s imperative to vacuum your rug often to keep it in the best condition possible. However, consider the type of rug you have when vacuuming as you don’t want your vacuum’s suction to snag on its material. For example, if you have a flat weave area rug, you don’t have to worry about accidentally tearing the fabric as you would with a hand-hooked or braided area rug. To avoid snagging the loops of your rug, always use your vacuum’s suction and proceed carefully. 

If you are nervous about cleaning your delicate rug yourself, consult your local Chem-Dry professionals to learn about the most innovative and safest cleaning materials for your rug and your home! Since 1977, they have been a household name for safe and effective professional cleanings that deliver results while giving customers peace of mind.