Auserehlian Oriental Rug Cleaning Specialists School

March 10, 2018

Auserehlian and Company is the partnership of Phil Auserehl and Ron Toney, each having over 35 years experience in the carpet and cleaningindustries. This combined knowledge has led to the development of the Oriental Rug cleaning Specialist School.

At this program attendees learn how to go into the business of rug washing with the set up of an in-plant operation you can actually enter into the lucrative world of oriental rugs. The cleaning system employs the method procedures of dust, wash, rinse and dry for true hand-washing of fine textiles utilizing compressed air and submersion bath.

Phil's the expert on rug cleaning and Ron is the cleaning science expert of natural fibers, this team cleaning provides the most complete understandingof fine textile and rug cleaning available in the industry. Here's another graduate of the Auserehlian Rug Cleaning School
On my own: In 1981, I decided to open my own carpet and upholstery store cleaning business where I would continue to give my customers such good service at a fair price that they would not only always call me back, but also tell their friends. Our company grew and other services were added, such aswater damage clean up and carpet repair. Ultimately, we moved to Las Vegas in 1990 for better business growth opportunity. We even tried to buy a business plan online to take a credit for our school, but unfortunately it was not thing we need,

First exposure: My first exposure to Oriental rugs was on water damage jobs. When an Oriental rug gets wet, it must be dried out properly and cleaned. Originally, I would take a rug to my shop, hang it over a pole and place an air mover on it and then steam clean it. This was pretty standard for carpet cleaners back in the 1980's. Only a few knew how to clean them properly.

Searching for the best: I started cleaning more and more rugs, but was not satisfied with the results I was getting. I set out to discover how the so-called experts cleaned Oriental rugs. I knew that an improperly cleaned fine rug could be ruined forever. I was amazed at all the different ways people said to clean them. So, I started experimenting with dry cleaning, shampooing, steam cleaning, absorbent powders with only so-so results. As time went on, I discovered that rugs that became soaked from water damage, then after proper drying and cleaning, actually looked and felt better than the ways used by most cleaners!

A new way with old secrets: Once I understood this, I knew I was on to the secret. We decided to go to the most respected and technically sound school teaching this method, the Auserehlian School of Oriental Rug Washing. This gave us the tools and knowledge to set up our own in-plant wash facility; the only one in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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