Looking for Green Carpet Cleaning? Check Out Chem-Dry

July 28, 2021

If you’re looking to reduce your family’s environmental footprint, the methods you use to clean your home can have a major impact on your ability to live sustainably. At Chem-Dry®, we understand many families are striving to make eco-friendly choices in every aspect of their lives. We’ve taken steps to ensure you can feel confident when you choose our green carpet cleaning. With Chem-Dry, you can make your home a cleaner and healthier environment while reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

Save Water with Green Carpet Cleaning Services

One of the ways we consider environmental sustainability in our carpet cleaning process is by using significantly less water than traditional steam cleaning methods. In fact, our Hot Carbonating Extraction (H.C.E.) process utilizes about 80% less water than conventional steam cleaning. As a result, we’re able to make carpet cleaning possible without wasting buckets of water and contributing to the scarcity of resources that many parts of the country encounter on a seasonal basis. 

Using less water to clean your carpets isn’t only the greener choice. It’s also the healthier choice. When your oriental rugs or carpets are soaked with water, it can take days for them to eventually dry out. The moist environment between the carpet fibers and the carpet backing provides a prime breeding ground for mold and mildew growth and negatively impacts the integrity of your carpet. 

Avoid Harsh Chemicals with Our Green Carpet Cleaning Solution

The Natural®, our proprietary green carpet cleaning solution, is an integral part of our Hot Carbonating Extraction process. As this solution is made with ingredients from nature, it offers a deep clean that is also green. 

The Natural is 100% non-toxic and does not contain harsh soaps, detergents, or solvents that could be harmful to your children or pets. In addition, all ingredients in this solution are on the FDA’s Generally Recognized As Safe list. The Natural is also a good option for people with allergies as it helps to safely lift and remove allergens from carpets and other soft furnishings.

During Hot Carbonating Extraction, The Natural is carbonated with millions of tiny bubbles that work to break up particles of dirt and grime clinging to your carpet’s fibers. These particles are then extracted with specialized equipment, leaving behind a clean, fresh carpet that will be dry in a matter of hours. 
Because this innovative, step-by-step process is so effective, there’s no need to use harsh cleaners to dissolve contaminants hiding within your carpet. Instead, the technicians at Chem-Dry leverage the power of nature to safely and naturally deliver results that make your home healthier and more comfortable for the whole family. 

You’ll also love that The Natural does not leave behind a dirt-attracting residue like soapy formulas with harsh chemicals often do. Rather than acting as a dirt magnet that promotes the cycle of having to clean and dry your carpets constantly, The Natural helps your carpets stay fresher for longer, further minimizing the amount of water usage required to keep your home clean and healthy.

Explore Our Many Green Certified Options 

The specialized Green Certified Program from Chem-Dry offers peace of mind for families who are concerned about the environmental impact of their cleaning choices as well as the effects these choices could have on their health. This program certifies that our consumer cleaning products are recognized as being safe for use and even help reduce air pollution. 

Below are some of the many Green Certified products we work with as part of our carpet cleaning process and other cleaning services:

  • P.U.R.T.® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment)
  • Stain Extinguisher
  • The Natural 
  • Area Rug Cleaner
  • PowerGuard
  • World Famous Spot Remover
  • And more

Are you excited to learn more about the benefits of choosing green carpet cleaning? Simply get in touch with Chem-Dry today at (800) CHEM-DRY for details about how we can provide a deep clean for your carpets safely and naturally!