Our Carpet Cleaners Explain Carpet Shedding and What to Do About It

December 21, 2022

carpet cleaners explain carpet sheddingIf you’re concerned about carpet shedding, you’re not alone. When you’ve invested in carpeting for your home, the last thing you want is for it to seem as if it’s falling apart. However, there’s a difference between a new carpet shedding for the first few months of wear and an older carpet starting to shed after years of use. Our carpet cleaners are here to help you understand what to expect when you have a new carpet and how you can prevent shedding from occurring in the future.

When is Carpet Shedding Normal? Our Carpet Cleaners Have the Answers

When your carpeting is newly installed, a bit of shedding is an absolutely normal part of the first few months of its life. Cut pile carpets with spun yarns can be expected to shed in this initial period, as can wool and shag carpeting. 

Although you may feel frustrated to see fibers lying about, it’s important to keep in mind that this early bout of shedding should not affect the long-term performance or appearance of your carpet. Keep an eye on it though, as its shedding should begin to slow down and then stop altogether after a couple of months of general use.

While carpet shedding is normal in the early stages of use, if it continues or starts again later down the road, there may be a problem with the carpet fibers that you need to discuss with the manufacturer. The use of poor-quality fibers can contribute to shedding. However, improper care also plays a role in carpet shedding. This is one of the first factors you should analyze if you’re worried about shedding becoming an ongoing problem.

Our Carpet Cleaners’ Tips to Prevent Shedding

There are a few steps you can take when caring for your carpet that can prevent unnecessary shedding and protect the lifespan of your investment. For example, ensure that you maintain a regular carpeting routine, and be thorough yet gentle when performing this task. Use a light hand, and avoid keeping the machine on the setting closest to the surface of the carpet. Also, make sure to vacuum with the grain to prevent excessive wear and tear.

If there’s an area of the carpet that has a higher risk of shedding than others due to a high volume of traffic, you can help extend its lifespan and avoid premature shedding with the use of a throw rug. Most importantly, be sure to call on professional carpet cleaners at least twice a year who can remove deep-set dirt which would otherwise be a source of friction on delicate carpet fibers. Professional carpet cleaners can also help speed up the process of initial shedding by removing loose fibers all at once instead of having this process drag out over a period of months. 

Understanding How the Shedding Process Affects Rugs

Your wall-to-wall carpet may not be the only source of loose fibers in your home. Rugs also have the potential to shed. After wool and silk rugs are woven, they are typically sheared. This process can leave behind bits of rug fiber that you may notice soon after you bring it home. 

Careful vacuuming followed by grooming with a beater brush or horse hair brush should quickly resolve this issue. If not, our carpet cleaners’ specialized rug cleaning services can help lift away loose fibers and leave your rugs clean and ready for use.

Whether you have a new carpet that is shedding or an older carpet that is starting to show signs of wear, our carpet cleaners can help. Get in touch with Chem-Dry today at (800) CHEM-DRY to learn more!