The Art of Vacuuming

March 25, 2014

vacuum cleaner on carpetOne of the best ways to improve the life and appearance of your carpet is by vacuuming.  This common household chore might seem mindless and routine, but there is actually an important art to vacuuming. 

The following tips are very beneficial when vacuuming your home. 

For starters, it is best to begin by dusting your room from the top-down.  This will ensure that the dust and dirt from the room will already be on the floor, eliminating the need to vacuum again after dusting.  It is also helpful to store items such as shoes off the floor in order to make vacuuming in closets easier.  Similarly, you should pull chairs away from desks and tables to ensure a thorough cleaning underneath those pieces of furniture. 

It is important that you pay close attention to the vacuum cleaner bag.  Bags should be changed once they are half-full.  The vacuum becomes less efficient as the bag begins to fill up.  It may also begin to leave an odor in your home if the bag becomes too full. 

There are also important tips to remember if you live in a 2-story home.  Begin by purchasing 2 vacuum cleaners, one for upstairs and one for downstairs.  This will help ease the dreaded task of carrying the vacuum up and down the stairs.  You will also be much more likely to vacuum both floors more frequently if you can eliminate the hassle of constantly having to transport your vacuum cleaner.  When vacuuming the stairs, you should always begin at the top and work your way down.  The easiest way to vacuum stairs is by using a hand-held vacuum cleaner. 

Lastly, make sure you properly adjust the height on your vacuum cleaner.  This is just a simple way to make vacuuming an easier and more comfortable task.  In order to achieve the best results from vacuuming, it should be done at least once a week in most homes.  You might also want to consider vacuuming higher traffic areas such as hallways and entryways even more often to ensure the deepest clean for your home.  When done in conjunction with professional carpet cleaning, proper vacuuming techniques will help you to maintain the look and feel of your carpet.

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