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Chem-Dry partnership with Best Friends Animal Society

Video Transcript:

“I’m Dr. Kwan, also known as the street vet. I’m an accredited practicing veterinarian with a passion for animals and also giving back. That’s why I spend my time on the streets of our cities helping care for the pets of homeless people. It’s been incredibly rewarding, but also taught me so much more. Especially about the power of companionship.” - Dr. Kwan 


“I mean he’s my best friend, you know.” - young homeless woman 


“You seem like a survivor.” - Dr. Kwan 


“I don’t think I’d be nearly as strong without him. Right?” - young homeless woman 


“Our pets are the ultimate partners. Devoted and loyal, and they all deserve the same in return. Helping to better and save the lives of our adored sidekicks involves strong partnerships as well. That’s why Chem-Dry, the leaders in carpet and upholstery cleaning, and Best Friends Animal Society have teamed up for Cleaning for the Paws, an amazing initiative to raise awareness and funds supporting shelter pet adoption, finding happy homes for rescue pets, and working toward a future where there are no more homeless pets. Chem-Dry's mission is to help families maintain a clean, healthy, and happy home for all family members, including their pets. Best Friends Animal Society, whose goal is to end the killing of shelter pets across the nation by 2025, is working tirelessly to discover the individual needs of each community and its animals by providing lifesaving resources where they are needed most. In their partnership, Chem-Dry franchise owners around the country are raising funds in numerous ways, including selling promotional cans of their world famous spot remover with each can generating a $1 donation to Best Friends. Individually we can all do our part to impact and help save the lives of thousands of animals in need. But a strong partnership doesn’t hurt. To make a donation, please visit A small donation can help keep dogs and cats out of shelters and help find safe, permanent homes for all rescue pets.” - Dr. Kwan