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"They cleaned the spots that have been there for about a year."

"This old carpet looks like new!"

"The company did a great job! We'll definitely use again."

The workers were very efficient and courteous to our residents.

We have used the services of Chem-Dry of New Mexico on several occasions. We have been extremely pleased with the service and personal attention provided by Chem-Dry of New Mexico. Also, the process used has been extremely effective. Our facility has heavy walk-in-traffic. The Chem-Dry Process leaves our carpet clean and fresh looking.

Rick Miera


New Mexico

The pet odor treatment really worked. I was skeptical at first, but was very impressed. No more urine odor.

Melonie H.

I was told by other people that the carpet could not be fixed. But Chem-Dry did a great job fixing and cleaning.

We are happy to recommend Chem-Dry for carpet and upholstery cleaning. We have been using their services here at our Logan location for the past several years and we have nothing but complete satisfaction with their work. They show up exactly when they say they will be here. We have great results from their cleanings on a consistent basis and we utilize them at least every six months. We also notice a freshness after they have cleaned for us that certainly gives us a great enhancement for what we want to show our customers. We never have to wait for long dry times. We especially love the stain extinguisher when they leave it with us so that we can also take care of some small stains by ourselves in between cleanings. If we need assistance with any special circumstances we know that we can call them and use them as a consultant to help us. We also like the people at Chem-Dry. They have become good friends for us and they always treat us with nothing but respect and courtesy. Their appearance is always clean, more than you might expect for after hours service and for cleaning services. Please feel free to contact us if we can answer any questions or be of service. Chem-Dry is the only cleaning company that we would recommend to our friends and we will use them for a long time to come.

Jason Allen

Logan, UT

Service from Tim and Phil has been exceptional as well as from the woman who schedules the service. We are a repeat customer for this reason. The cleaning is great. No strong odors, no messes. I don't have to worry about vacuuming before hand - and best of all, I feel like my floors and carpets are new again!


This was the first time with Chem-Dry. The professionalism and effectiveness far exceeded previous service companies.

Just have to say Chem-Dry is the best! Been using them for 15 years and have referred them to numerous people with many thanks! You just can’t beat awesome service and customer service! A step above the rest! Will never use anyone but them!

Joan H.

Just had the best service getting our couches cleaned by your tech! Thank you. Will be calling for carpets soon and referring others!

Kelly E.

I like the effectiveness of your process. It's not as wet as other applications, you get the edges clean, and unlike others, it is a fast process with very competent people.

Mary M.

Magic marker? match for my Chem-Dry rep.  Our sofa set (red and orange colored - but a nice red and orange) had never been cleaned in the 13 years we've owned them.  The edges were 'stained' in blue jean dye, dirty toddler hand remnants, cat face rub oil, and, thanks to my neighbor never teaching his children how to blow their nose...snot.  And not just allergy snot.  I'm talking green infectious mucus that just doesn't come off with a wipe of a wet paper towel.  Chem Dry was able to remove most of what was making our furniture look like dingy 70's basement seats to the modern pieces of art they were meant to be.  Yes, I could have spent $280 on a home steamer but I am fairly certain the results would have been less than desired.  And as an add - the person who did the cleaning gave great suggestions on cleaning our floor tiles using natural stuff found in our kitchen.  I was really impressed with him.

Kristy V.

Lexington, MA

The carpet and the couches are CLEAN and smell nice. The SERVICE is always professional, personable, they seem to always go just a little further than required to do an excellent job. An extended family member told us about a less expensive option, and we listened. But we cannot put a price tag on the over-the-top and the taking-the-time-that-is-needed service that makes your company excellent. We truly are happy with the job, as they were last time and plan to continue to be. We had different technicians each time, and all treated us personable, friendly, and professional, and did more than was required to make the job done more than well! This time we had Juan and Rafael. Thank you guys!!

Kelly W.