Our Carpet Cleaning Company’s Tips for Removing Pet Urine Stains

puppy sitting next to urine stain on carpetYou love your dog or cat and consider your furry friend to be a part of the family. Unfortunately, accidents happen. When they happen indoors, the unappealing pet urine stain on your carpet and residual odor can bring tension to your relationship with your pet and uncertainty about the possibility of future accidents. 

Conquer Carpet Stain Removal for Pet Urine Stains

You’re certainly not alone in having to deal with pet urine stains. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to help ameliorate them. Although pet urine stains are one of the toughest you’re bound to face, you don’t have to subject your precious pet to living outdoors in order to enjoy a clean home. 

Check out the tips below to conquer pet accidents when they happen.

Tip 1: Act Fast

In most cases, pet accidents occur while pet owners are out of the house. This means that by the time you discover the stain, it’s likely had time to set. It’s always important to act quickly when conducting carpet stain removal, but time will be particularly of the essence in this situation, so be sure to get to work right away.

Tip 2: Blot wIth Plenty of Pressure

Grab some white paper towels or white cotton cloth and press firmly on the affected area. To add extra pressure and collect as much liquid as possible from deep within the carpet, consider using a shoe and your body weight to press down onto the cloth.

Tip 3: Be Cautious When Trying a Vinegar-Based Solution

Other carpet cleaning companies will often suggest a home remedy using vinegar, but this approach should be met with caution. While vinegar can help break down the uric acid within the stain, and hopefully make removal a bit easier, it can also do the opposite. In some cases, vinegar can accidentally work to set the stain and make it harder to remove the urine from the carpet fibers.

Debunking the Myths of Vinegar and Dish Soap

While vinegar and dish soap have great uses throughout the home, be aware of the risks of using these products as household remedies on your carpets and upholstery. The properties of vinegar increase the risk of setting the stains, ultimately creating a larger problem than what was originally there. And, using dish soap, even in small amounts, creates risk of reappearing spots - since these products end up leaving behind dirt-attracting residues that will collect dirt particles and show darker problem areas over time.  

For Best Results wIth Pet Urine Stains, Look to Our Professional Carpet Cleaners

One of the biggest hassles with removing pet urine stains is that even if you are able to get rid of the tell-tale color, there is often still an odor left behind. At Chem-Dry, we have a specialized treatment that works to remove both pet urine stains and the odors associated with them. Called P.U.R.T.® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment), this process effectively lifts and extracts the urine crystals that are responsible for those noxious odors and unappealing stains.

Are you ready to get started with a reliable treatment for pet urine stains on your carpet? Call Chem-Dry today at (800) CHEM-DRY!

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