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Pet Urine Removal Treatment by Chem-Dry

Video Transcript:


We love our pets. They’re our BFFs, the best listeners, trusted co-pilots, and our favorite playmates. But make no mistakes, if you own pets, chances are you’ve had a pet accident in your home. Unfortunately, pet accidents can really affect the health and well-being of your home and your family.  


How serious can this be to your family’s health? To answer that we asked acclaimed veterinarian Dr. Kwane Stewart to share his views on the subject:


Pet urine in carpets, rugs, upholstery and other soft furnishings can cause noxious odors due to the ammonia contained in the urine, which can incite respiratory issues and aggravate other conditions such as asthma and allergies. On top of that, the pet urine can contain bacteria in the food particles that can be deposited around your home, which could result in illness. I certainly wouldn’t want my kids playing on a carpet with pet urine due to these and other risks, just like I wouldn’t want them playing on or around a toilet.” - Dr. Kwane 


What are the facts about pet urine in carpets? If left untreated, pet urine penetrates carpet fibers down to the base and into the floor underneath. As it dries, the liquid evaporates but urine crystals form, which cause the strong odor. Another factor is that the urine can leave behind bacteria as well. Many consumer products and professional services really just mask the odor, only to have it return later. But we have good news -- Chem-Dry has a solution that really works.  


First, we assess whether there is any pet urine in your home, so we can let you know the extent of the issue and determine how to best treat it. Then, we’ll use our proprietary PURT process – which stands for Pet Urine Removal Treatment. PURT eliminates the odor at the source -- breaking down and exploding urine crystals and removing them and the odors they cause for good. Using our Hot Carbonating Extraction process along with a sanitizer, we can also perform a deep clean down to the base of your carpets to eliminate the dirt, residue and bacteria. In fact, we hired an independent lab to test these Chem-Dry processes. The lab found that PURT removes 99.9% of pet urine odors in carpets. And when combined with our Hot Carbonating Extraction process and a sanitizer, Chem-Dry removes 99.2% of the bacteria from pet urine in carpets, leaving your home cleaner and healthier. 


What does Dr. Kwane think of PURT? 


“We have a miniature schnauzer named Sockie and two children in our home and I certainly don’t want those unhealthy elements lingering here. That’s why we trusted Chem-Dry’s PURT process in my home. It got the odors and bacteria, which gives me peace of mind knowing how much time my little ones spend lying and playing on our carpets and couches. A healthy home is very important to us.” - Dr. Kwane 


With Chem-Dry, you get a deeper, longer lasting clean, and a healthier, happier home. Chem-Dry... we clean for your health like no one else.