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About Purely Fresh Chem-Dry

We decided to start our PURELY FRESH Chem-Dry business to serve others in our community after 12 years of knowing this company. We fall in love with how Chem-Dry offers high-quality services with green-certified solutions, and amazing results to keep our homes clean and healthy.  Chem-Dry truly offers the best!. This was the only company that was able to meet our standards and help us to keep our environment clean, safe and healthier than any other.  CHEM-DRY meets our standards keeping our family and loves ones safe. 

Our whole family suffers from allergies, but we have a really scary experience here in Texas after we moved, and it took from Sept to December to actually solved the biggest part, Having Chem-Dry equipment helps us a lot.

My son got in the emergency room two weeks after we moved into a new "clean" apartment in Texas...The doctors couldn't tell if it was something else and they ran different tests, the conclusion was that allergies were getting worst here, but 10 days after start digging on doctors appointments and some "basic medicine for allergies that were doing nothing", they finally did another test and he ends up positive in some bacteria that the doctors were more than 90% sure that he could just get it from the environment another kid from school, but any kid missed classes or was reported sick, and my son only had 1 week of school in this new place,  he only was spending time at home and he was getting worse at home and after he was sitting and playing on the floor cause we have more carpet than floor, my son suffers from chronic eczema and his skin looked like he was pulled from a horse on the pavement, it was painful and started affecting his sleep too. He started more medicine, but until we got our Chem-Dry equipment and solutions, I  remember I saw the anti-allergens product, and I  sprayed some everywhere, it helped, and we came back from the training in Utah we deep clean our carpets, and I totally could see big difference in my son, when I moved here as much as I could clean and disinfect everything we found pet hair everywhere and the manager said our carpets were clean and probably had another type o "professional cleaning"... Anyway, all nightmare cost us more than 3k and I still think deep inside the bacteria was living in the carpet, and whatever else he had. 

 The same thing when we travel and it doesn't matter if we stay in a fancy hotel, my son is very sensitive to whatever is on the rooms and it could get sick if he spent 2 nights in a hotel with a room that has whatever he is allergic to. he has like 20 or more allergies. 

We are excited to share with you the best professional carpet cleaning and other services with PURELY FRESH CHEM-DRY. 

When you choose Purely Fresh Chem-Dry for your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs, you're getting the industry's finest in cleaning equipment and solutions. We offer the trust and confidence of using the leading national brand combined with our friendly, local service. As a Chem-Dry professional, we are trained to deliver superior service and quality. Our goal is to help you spend less time worrying about whether your carpets and furniture are clean and safe and more time enjoying your family in a healthy home. Purely Fresh Chem-Dry's healthier, deeper cleaning process uses less water and a natural cleaner to give you the peace of mind of having a truly clean home that's safe for your kids and pets.

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The Power of Carbonation
Carpets cleaned by Purely Fresh Chem-Dry are left not only sparkling clean, but they dry in a couple of hours, not a couple of days. So there’s less disruption for you and your family. Our superior process combines our unique carbonated cleaning solution with extreme heat for a deeper, more effective carpet cleaning. Carbonation creates a powerful reaction that deep cleans carpets in a safe and gentle way, while using just a small amount of moisture. Relying on the bubbles to penetrate to the base of the carpet and lift dirt to the surface, Purely Fresh Chem-Dry won’t soak your carpets, which can create a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. With Purely Fresh Chem-Dry, you’ll enjoy deep cleaned carpets that dry faster and a healthier home.

Cleaning that’s Green & Clean
Our main cleaning solution, The Natural®, is green-certified and made entirely from natural ingredients – no soaps, detergents, solvents, enzymes or other harsh chemicals. That means you get a 100% Green & Eco-Friendly carpet cleaning that is safe and non-toxic for your children and pets.

Customer Reviews

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Patricia Monserrate

Google Icon May 30, 2021

They came to my rescue after another company was three hours late! I made an initial call to them...

J. E. Hays

Google Icon May 29, 2021

Fantastic service. Had a dog d isaster that needed attention right away & they were the only...

Demetria Thrash

Google Icon May 20, 2021

The Chem dry team was awesome! They made my carpet looked brand new! The carpet looked new and...

Ricardo Grant

Google Icon May 16, 2021

Arrived at my home on time for the appointment. Very knowledgeable, efficient, and professional....

Rafael Boscan

Google Icon Apr 27, 2021

Amazing job! They did everything that I wanted and more. I liked the quality of the job compare to other companies. Thank you guys

Ingrid Keiser

Google Icon Apr 20, 2021

Very happy with the service.

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