Your Carpet Cleaner is Like Your Doctor—Don’t Skip Your Appointment!

April 16, 2014

Chem-Dry Carpet CleaningDid you know that when you skip out on a professional carpet cleaning, mold and fungus can grow? In addition, your carpet can be a trap for pollen, dirt and dust—even when you clean it on a regular basis. Hire the guys who know your carpet inside and out so you can restore your home to be as healthy as possible!  If you aren’t yet in the habit of calling your professional carpet cleaner for a good ol’ cleaning, you should—and here’s some reasons why.

Your Carpet Cleaning Professional Knows What Lurks Beneath

You may know that carpets are the ideal ‘home’ for dirt and dust. But, a ‘quick fix’ such as weekly vacuuming isn’t always the answer—and, while it does eliminate that which exists on the surface, it can’t always get what lies beneath. Small insects such as beetles and spiders love to create a home for themselves under your carpet’s fibers. 

Do you or your family members experience itchy eyes, sneezing or a sore throat? Dust and other airborne contaminants may be to blame, and a professional cleaning every 3-6 months will allow you the ability to continually have carpets that are healthy and happy—so that your family can be as well!

A Clean Carpet Will Give You a Clean Home

Everyone has been there from time to time: your dog rolls around on your beige carpet after being outside for hours. Then, your toddler lays down right where he was. There’s no telling what fleas, dirt, food crumbs and bugs are infested in your carpet by now! 

Your carpets are the area of your home that is given the most attention, and which endures the most ‘traffic.’ So, shouldn’t it be the cleanest part of your home as well? From pollen to dust, bugs to mud tracks, your family is only as healthy as your carpets are. Hiring a professional to clean your carpets every few months is a protocol for a healthy home that you can’t ignore. Become confident about the cleanliness of your carpets when you simply hire the professionals to get the job done for you!

Hire the Best to Get the Best!  

A professional cleaner has experience treating carpets that you don’t, and Chem-Dry is the world’s leading carpet cleaner. They won’t just get your carpets to look their very best, but they’ll do it in record time! Since they use 80 percent less water than steam cleaning, your carpets dry in around 1-2 hours (instead of 1-2 days!)

Find a Local Chem-Dry today. The sooner they clean your carpets, the healthier your family will be.