Have You Been Referred to Chem-Dry? What to Expect from Our Carpet Cleaners

January 17, 2024

carpet cleaner greats homeowner at the doorAre you looking forward to a visit from our professional carpet cleaners? If you’ve chosen to work with Chem-Dry, you can expect us to provide comprehensive carpet cleaning that leaves your carpet looking and feeling fresh. Of course, we also aim to ensure you enjoy a smooth and comfortable customer experience during every step of the carpet cleaning process. 

Learn more about what you can look forward to with Chem-Dry carpet cleaners below.

What to Expect When Our Carpet Cleaners Arrive 

When we arrive for your scheduled carpet cleaning, we’ll need to park our vehicle as close to your front door as possible so we can easily access essential equipment, including our state-of-the-art truckmount system. We ask that you make a nearby parking spot available and prepare a clear path to the requested service area. 

We also request that you remove clutter from the carpeted area to reduce tripping hazards and ensure every inch of your carpet can receive a thorough clean. While heavy furniture does not need to be moved, it is best to relocate lightweight furnishings such as floor lamps and coffee tables to another room before our carpet cleaners arrive. In an abundance of caution, any breakable items should also be moved.

Prior to cleaning your carpets using our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process, we will vacuum them with professional HEPA filter vacuums as part of our standard service. This step will remove solid debris and loose dust while making a positive contribution to your indoor air quality. It will also allow our HCE process to work to its full potential. 

If you have requested our Specialty Stain Removal Service, we will move to the next step of pre-treating any stubborn spots or stains. The advanced formula we use will get to work breaking down the stain to allow for effective removal. As part of our stain removal service package, we can also apply a stain protectant to your carpet to help prevent future accidents from leaving behind telltale spots.

Finally, our professional carpet cleaners will get started with the HCE cleaning process. This involves the use of specialized machinery to apply our carbonated carpet cleaning solution, called The Natural® for its mimicry of ingredients found in Mother Nature. The carbonated bubbles within the formula dislodge caked-on dirt and stubborn stains deep within your carpet’s delicate fibers, all without the need for a sudsy detergent. Both this soap-free cleaning solution and the soil it has propelled to the surface are then extracted using high-powered equipment, removing a significant amount of moisture in the process.

What to Expect After Our Carpet Cleaners Have Finished 

Once we finish cleaning your carpets, you will only have to wait a couple of hours to get back to life as usual at your home. Our HCE process only needs a fraction of the water used in other cleaning techniques, such as steam cleaning, meaning your carpets will dry in a fraction of the time. 

After any remaining liquid has evaporated, your carpets will feel plush, look fresh, and be significantly cleaner than before our arrival. Moreover, with less dust and dander trapped in your carpets, you can enjoy a cleaner home in the weeks and months ahead. 

You also won’t have to worry about a dirt-attracting residue being left behind on your carpet since our cleaning process does not require the use of a soapy detergent. Instead, you can look forward to maintaining clean carpets for a longer period of time in between visits from our professionals. 

Discover the difference of working with our carpet cleaners! Simply call us at (800) CHEM-DRY today to locate a Chem-Dry technician near you