Upholstery Cleaning: Maintaining and Cleaning Your Furniture

May 17, 2022

professional upholstery cleaningFrom sectional sofas where the whole family can rest to that one favorite reclining chair or plush ottoman, upholstered furniture offers something special for the home. Without it, your living environment would be stiff, uncomfortable, and lack character. Because upholstered furniture brings so much to our daily lives, it’s important to do more than enjoy it. A little upholstery cleaning TLC and maintenance can go a long way in making sure your family’s favorite upholstered pieces last to become part of many more cherished memories.

With as many upholstered pieces we have in our homes, many of us still aren’t quite sure how to care for them. Below, we’ve listed our experts’ upholstery cleaning and maintenance tips so you can feel more confident about caring for your furniture.

Tip #1: Consider investing in a stain protectant.

Stains are probably one of the biggest threats to the lifespan of your upholstered furniture. If your couch is covered by stubborn stains, you may feel like you have to get rid of it before its functionality has actually declined. 

Investing in a stain protectant can increase the lifespan of your furnishings and give you peace of mind when enjoying your favorite snacks and beverages in front of the TV. At Chem-Dry, we offer to coapply a special stain protectant while upholstery cleaning so you can benefit from two services at once. 

Tip #2: Keep furnishings away from direct sunlight.

Stains aren’t the only threat to upholstery. Over time, direct sunlight can unevenly fade dyes in the fabric, making your furniture look older than it actually is. Plus, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can do more than diminish dyes. They can also cause leather and fine fabrics to deteriorate. As a result, this step is important both for protecting the appearance of your furniture as well as its lifespan.

Tip #3: Flip and fluff cushions regularly.

If you’re like most people, you have a favorite spot on the couch. Over time, that spot will get more wear than other parts of the sofa. To avoid an uneven look, flip and fluff the cushions on a regular basis. This will help the cushions maintain their shape over time and ensure you’ll continue to be well supported even if you always choose to lounge in the same location.

Tip #4: Keep tags on upholstered items or carefully store them. 

Once you’ve brought a piece of upholstered furniture home, you may feel tempted to remove the tags. If you do choose to take them off them, hang on to them and make a note of exactly where they’re stored. Otherwise, it’s best to leave them on the furniture. That’s because these tags actually contain important information that sooner or later you’ll wish you had access to.

Typically, furniture tags include details about fabric numbers and cushion content that can be crucial when conducting upholstery cleaning. For example, you may notice the following care codes on upholstery tags:

  • “W” - This code indicates that only water-based solutions should be used to care for upholstery. 
  • “S” - Only mild solvents and dry cleaning products that are free of water should be used.
  • “WS” - Either solvent and upholstery shampoo or mild water-based detergents can be used.
  • “X” - Fabric should only be lightly vacuumed or brushed; any other cleaning requires professional techniques.

Tip #5: Have a professional upholstery cleaning service do a yearly deep clean.

Ensuring your upholstered furniture is deep cleaned once a year can extend its longevity and reduce odors and allergens. At Chem-Dry, we utilize our proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction cleaning process for upholstery cleaning. This process enables us to get rid of stubborn stains while removing deep-set dust, dirt, and grime. We also have specialized cleaning processes to resolve pet accidents and stubborn stains, helping you continue to love your favorite furnishings for longer.

Learn more about our professional upholstery cleaning services today! Contact Chem-Dry at (800) CHEM-DRY to schedule an appointment with a Chem-Dry technician near you.