Preventing Stains Before They Happen—You’ll Thank Us Later!

April 28, 2014

Over the years, you’ve worked hard on your home. You’ve invested in a couch, carpet and a soothing and inviting environment for your family members to come home to each and every day. But how often do you spend time maintaining it?

Many people wait until a guest’s glass of red wine has spilled on their beige carpet to give it a ‘quick fix.’ Or spaghetti sauce or dirt stain to make its way on their upholstery before they come up with a ‘game plan’ to eradicate it. Why not come up with a proactive way to prevent stains before they happen?

Here’s a quick guide to stop the stains before they start!

Enforce a No Shoes Policy in the Home

Whether you’re just purchased a brand new pair of shoes for each member of your family or they’re dragging their worn out tennis shoes all over your beloved oriental rug and carpet, dirt and dust builds up. It’s inevitable.

Do you want it to happen all over your carpets and affect the cleanliness of your home? By enforcing a “no shoes!” rule, you can dramatically reduce the amount of stains that come into your house and as a result, improve the health and happiness of your family!

Achieve a Clean Look With Frequent Vacuuming

In between your professional cleanings, the build-up of dirt can become embedded in your fabric. And, over time, the dirt particles can cause stains that are difficult to remove. Nothing helps protect the wear and tear of your carpets and upholstery on a daily basis more effectively than vacuuming.

Vacuum daily, and get rid of the hair, dirt and dust that can affect your family’s physical health. Consequently you’ll save money in the long run by having less frequent professional cleanings.

Know What You’re Dealing With

The more you become aware of the risks in your home that can damage your carpets or upholstery, the more you can prepare for a defensive attack on stains before they occur! Whether you have a Persian area rug or your grandmother’s couch you want to preserve, apply a high quality protectant.

Many carpets (perhaps yours) are sold with a mild carpet protectant on it; however, it doesn’t last long. The protectant temporarily shields your carpet fibers from being torn and ‘roughened up’ by the people and pets that walk over it the most. It works to reduce the effects permanent stains can leave and increases the life span of your carpet—but it is temporary, so reapplying a protectant often is necessary to keep your carpet in great shape.

Has it been six months or longer since you’ve applied a protectant to your carpet? Contact the cleaning professionals at Chem-Dry for more information on their protectant products to create a barrier around the fibers in your carpets and upholstery to resist soiling and staining. By keeping your protectant fresh, stains can be avoided by allowing you time to clean up spills before stains occur.