How to handle winter carpet woes

February 19, 2014

muddy footprints on carpetWinter season is here in full force and you, your family and your pets are probably spending more time indoors. This could possibly mean 2 things for your household. One, this will mean more potential foot traffic treading over your carpet. Second, it is more common for little dogs to become finicky if they do not particularly like the colder weather, and opt for using your carpet as their new “potty place”.

The key to cleaning and maintaining high- traffic areas is to try and prevent the accumulation and buildup of dirt. There are several simple steps that will help keep your carpets tidy, and greatly lessen the potential of debris buildup and stains.


  • Vacuum

It’s imperative to adapt a routinely vacuum schedule. You want to keep the amount of dirt that is collected into the carpet fibers to an absolute minimum. If you allow debris to compile, adding heavy foot traffic will begin to push the dirt further into the carpet fiber layers. Hence, the prominence of the vacuum.

  • Spot Treatments/Solutions

There are many different carpet cleaning solutions tailored to whatever your concern may be, whether it’s regarding pet stains, spot treatment, or high-traffic areas. Chem-Dry makes an at-home line of consumer carpet cleaners including Stain Extinguisher spot remover that is easy, and effective for high-traffic areas. This carpet cleaner lifts the spot to the surface unlike any other spot remover and is ideal for dirt and most common food spills. Pet Odor Extinguisher is perfect for cleaning up those fresh pet urine odors. Chem-Dry’s consumer cleaning products have no harsh solvents or bleaches so they are safe to use around your children and pets.

  • Professional Carpet Cleaning by Chem-Dry

If your pets have urinated too frequently on your carpets, it’s a smart idea to get your carpets professionally cleaned by Chem-Dry. Urine can be pulled into the carpet pad, and become a nesting ground for foul, lingering odors. Chem-Dry can eliminate pet urine odors from your carpets by applying our revolutionary cleaning product P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment). P.U.R.T. contacts the source of the odor and creates a chemical reaction that destroys the urine crystals at their source so the odor is good for good, not just masked.

Find a local Chem-Dry in your area to schedule your winter cleaning today or get more information about Chem-Dry's revolutionary pet urine removal treatment.