‘Good Cemeterian’ Viral, Goodwill Contagious

September 22, 2015

Since being dubbed the “Good Cemeterian” just last week, Chem-Dry franchise owner Andrew Lumish’s selfless, patriotic story has not just gone viral, it’s become downright contagious.

The online video shows how Lumish – owner of Diversity Chem-Dry in the Tampa, FL area – has spent his free time on weekends over the past couple of years, cleaning the tombstones of fallen military veterans. Thus far, the video has received more than 12 million views along with countless reports and reposts from news outlets and veterans’ organization websites and on social networks all over the world, thanking him for his service and calling him a blessing, a hero and an inspiration.

Two days after the original story aired, ABC Action News anchor Brendan McLaughlin conducted a second interview with Lumish, asking him if he’s been surprised by the huge response to his story and seeking an answer to the question many have conveyed: How can I do this too?

In the follow-up report, Lumish shares tips and cautions for safe, proper gravestone cleaning, including urging anyone who would like to honor and serve others in this way to first get permission from and work with the local cemetery management.

Shocked and humbled by the overwhelming response, Lumish simply “hopes the practice of cleaning and preserving the graves of our heroes will go as viral as his story.”

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