The Dirty Secret About Dirty Carpets

December 12, 2014

vacuum cleaner on carpetWhile carpets provide warmth, comfort, and beauty to many homes, they also harbor dirt and grime. Although carpets may appear to look clean, they are secretly home to dirt, dust, and non-living allergens. For this reason, it is important that homeowners care for their carpets and have them professionally cleaned on a regular basis. 

Carpets tend to retain several sources of pollution and everyday dirt and dust. The toxins can be trapped deep within the carpet and can be released through everyday activities such as vacuuming and walking on the carpet. While these particles may not be visible to homeowners, they can still be the source of unpleasant health issues and allergy symptoms. Vacuuming and routine cleaning are helpful in maintaining cleaner carpets, but they are simply not enough. Having your carpets cleaned by a professional service is beneficial for many reasons.

With the vast array of commercial cleaning products available, it can be very difficult for homeowners to decide which products will be most effective at cleaning their carpets.  In addition, it is also important to know which products are safe to use on specific types of carpet. A professional carpet cleaner such as Chem-Dry will take the guesswork out of cleaning as they are very knowledgeable in the specific products needed to address your cleaning needs. You can rest assured that Chem-Dry will use only those products that will be safe and effective for cleaning your carpets. And Chem-Dry provides a much quicker drying time than other types of professional cleaners. Not only is this more convenient for homeowners, but it reduces the chances for mold growth. 

If you are looking to get the most out of your carpet cleaning, consider hiring Chem-Dry to get the job done right. A professional service can give your carpets the deepest clean possible, leaving your carpets fresh and healthy. The first step to a clean and healthy home is clean carpets, and Chem-Dry can provide just what you need. Connect with your local Chem-Dry here