Deep Carpet Cleaning Tips to Avoid

December 05, 2023

carpet cleaner uses machine for deep carpet cleaningHave you ever looked online for deep carpet cleaning tips only to realize that most of the advice out there seems to be questionable? While the web brings a wealth of knowledge to our fingertips, it can often be difficult to parse out the facts and determine which bits of information can be trusted.

At Chem-Dry, we often come across homeowners who have given DIY deep carpet cleaning tips a try, only to damage their carpets in the process. To help you avoid this outcome, we’re sifting through some dubious advice and providing a better option that will give your carpets the deep, lasting clean they need.

Questionable Deep Carpet Cleaning Advice

Here’s our expert take on some deep carpet cleaning tips that are being passed around on the internet:

  1. Using salt to brighten carpets. 
    Leave the salt shaker on the table and give this tip a pass. When you apply salt to your carpet, you’re adding grit that creates friction between carpet fibers, which can contribute to wear and tear. 

    If your carpets are looking particularly dull or are displaying unappealing traffic lanes, opt instead for professional deep carpet cleaning that will restore their original color and beauty with more reliable methods.
  2. Steaming your carpet with a clothes steamer or steam mop. 
    While this may initially seem like a hack that can help you avoid having to call a professional to steam clean your carpets, it’s important to keep in mind that steam cleaning isn’t even the ideal method for deep carpet cleaning. 

    At Chem-Dry, we have developed a more effective process called Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE). Unlike steam cleaning, our techniques will not leave your carpets soaking wet, nor will they risk heating your carpets to inappropriately high temperatures–two problems that are associated with using any type of steamer on your carpet. 
  3. Scrubbing carpet with a scrub brush. 
    People often associate scrubbing with deep cleaning. After all, we scrub our scalp when shampooing, scrub the tub to get rid of scum, and scour pans after cooking. 

    Carpets are different. Since carpets are made up of densely woven, delicate fibers, scrubbing can have a negative effect on their texture, color, and overall lifespan. That’s why it’s always better to approach the removal of spots and stains on a molecular level, which is exactly what our Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®) and specialty stain removal services do. 
  4. Applying vinegar to carpet. 
    Vinegar is often thought of as a natural cleaning agent, and this is true in many contexts. However, vinegar is not the magic solution for deep carpet cleaning. In fact, once your carpet’s fibers have soaked up this odorous liquid, you’ll probably find that they’re in need of a deep cleaning more than ever. 

    Of course, the unpleasant smell of vinegar isn’t the only reason to avoid using it to clean your carpets. Its acidic properties can also be problematic when it comes to the color and texture of your carpet, and exposure can lead to fading and stiffness.

Choose Professional Deep Carpet Cleaning 

When you choose our deep carpet cleaning services, you won’t have to risk damaging your carpet in order to restore its appeal and get rid of buildup. Our HCE process is effective at lifting embedded soil from deep within carpets and removing it with ease. Because our process only requires a fraction of the water used in steam cleaning and doesn’t rely on soapy detergents, it won’t leave your carpets wet for days or covered with a sticky residue.

When you choose professional carpet cleaners, you’ll be able to get back to life as usual in just a few hours, and you won’t be bothered by the unpleasant odors associated with DIY cleaning methods. Instead, your carpets will look and smell fresh and clean. Even better, you’ll have taken an important step in protecting their longevity while promoting the health of your home.

Get started with a deep carpet cleaning process that you can trust! Call (800) CHEM-DRY today to find a Chem-Dry technician working in your local community.