Allergy Proof Your Home

February 21, 2014

sneezing womanAre you allergic to your home? While this may seem like an absurd thing to be allergic to (it’s your home, after all), it’s actually quite common. Although you’d never want to part with your polyester couch, or burgundy carpet, they can be a ‘hot spot’ for bacteria, which can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as sneezing, coughing and an itchy throat.

If you have indoor allergy symptoms (which are often triggered from dust and mites), you’re not alone.

In fact, millions of Americans (an estimated 50 million!) suffer from allergies. Whether or not you’re part of this number, this is the best time of year to allergy proof your home (and it’s not as time consuming as you think!) Apply some tweaks to your living space, and you’ll breathe better, sleep more soundly, and enjoy your home just like it was new again!

Triggers of Allergies in the Home

It’s not so pleasant to think about, but the dust mites, mold and even cockroaches that make their appearance in your home can cause you to wheeze, sneeze and have cold chills periodically. Mold loves to make itself known in any room with high humidity, such as in a bathroom or basement. Allergies are often not caused by your pet—but by a protein in a pet’s saliva—so even if you don’t have pets in your house, it can be found in traces (since it sticks to clothes and can be easily brought into your home.) A home that hasn’t been dusted recently can trigger cold-like symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose and body chills.

Get Rid of Dust Bunnies (and All Things Related to Dust)

Deep clean your home by scanning it for dust bunnies on the floor (especially those that love to hide behind your recliner and couch.) Apply a mask which you can purchase at any DIY home or drug store, and give your carpets a thorough cleaning. As you vacuum up every inch of your carpets and hard wood floors, look for stains and discoloration. Make a note to deep clean them with our environmentally free products, which will take the odor and the grime out of them in just a portion of the time other carpet cleaning products will.

Eliminate Cushioned Bedding

Take a good look at your bedding. Do you have dust ruffles, a padded headboard or accent pillows? Cushioned bedding of any sort is a breeding ground for indoor allergies, and as a result it can make a sound sleep something that occurs few and far in between. Remove the pillows, skirt, and headboard—and swap those out for allergy-free ones which you can find at your local department store.

Replace Your Blinds

If you’re attached to your blinds, then develop a weekly habit of washing them. Or, consider replacing them altogether with window shades, which require less maintenance.

Allergy Proof Your Carpets and Upholstery

Your carpets attract dirt and dust particles more than any other part of your home. For that reason, doesn’t it deserve more attention and care? Regular upholstery and carpet cleaning from a company such as Chem-Dry can greatly improve the situation.

From your blinds to your floors (and everything in between) your home is only as happy as you make it. Treat it with care and attention by wiping down, deep cleaning and eliminating allergy ‘hot spots’. That way, you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your home is a clean one—this is one thing you can be sure of! 

For a more thorough, longer-lasting solution to allergy-proofing your home, ask Chem-Dry about our professional strength sanitizer that can be applied to your carpets and upholstery to reduce common allergens and unhealthy bacteria in your home. Find a local Chem-Dry in your area and ask about our Fresh & Healthy Home Premium Package.