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How to Turn on Weekend Appointments

By default, weekend appointments is turned OFF for all franchisees, so if you do not want to allow for weekend appointments through the online booking form, you do not need to do anything. If you would like to allow for weekend appointments to be booked online, you will need to complete a couple of simple steps in order to activate weekend appointments for your Core and/or Premium listings.

  1. Log into your profile editor by going to and enter your username and password (if you do not have your username/password, please call WMS for assistance)
  2. Click "Edit" next to the franchise license you want to edit
  3. Scroll down to "Enable Weekend Online Job Bookings". For Core licenses, you will find this underneath where you select your website URL. For Premium licenses, you will find this towards the bottom right above "Hours of Operation."
  4. There are four (4) blocks of time which you can select to allow appointments to be accepted: Saturday AM, Saturday PM, Sunday AM, Sunday PM. Simply select the time slots you would like to allow appointments to be made. Please note that the time slots for each time block cannot be altered. Therefore, for example, if you choose to enable Saturday AM, customers will have the ability to choose either of the two time slots shown.
  5. Click "Save" to save your selections.

Sample image from profile editor:

weekend hours

Hours of Operation on Premium Landing Page is Not the Same Thing as Allowing Weekend Appointments:

Special Note to Premium Users: The Hours of Operation area does not control onTrack. The hours entered in this section are displayed on your landing page for your customers' convenience. You need to enable Weekend Online Bookings in order to have the online booking form accept weekend bookings.

*Based on studies conducted by independent laboratories of Chem-Dry’s HCE (Hot Carbonating Extraction), P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment), Granite Countertop Renewal, and Tile, Stone & Grout cleaning processes. Allergens tested were dog and cat dander and dust mite allergen. Pet odor results based on testing with the most common odor sources found in dog and cat urine. Pet urine bacteria results based on Chem-Dry’s HCE cleaning process and a sanitizer, combined with P.U.R.T. All bacteria results include use of sanitizer. Figures are an average across multiple tests.