Gain Flings Original Laundry Detergent Pacs 77 Count

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Easy-to-use Gain flings unit-dose laundry detergent brings 50% more* Original scent to your laundry room and your clothes. Oxi boost fights stains while odors are removed with the odor-elimination technology of Febreze, so your clothes are left wonderfully clean with an amazing scent. With more of the Gain Original scent you love, flings are music to your nose.

At A Glance
  • 50% more scent than Gain Original liquid laundry detergent.
  • Stain-fighting power of Oxi.
  • Odor-elimination technology of Febreze.

*Ingredients vs. Gain Original liquid laundry detergent.

Features & Benefits

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Fling In a New Way to Clean
Flings are filled with the amazing scent of Gain. Just toss one in the wash and enjoy.

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Oxi Stain Fighting
Get rid of tough stains with the stain-fighting power of Oxi. It cleans thoroughly so you can maximize Gain scent.

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Febreze Odor Elimination
Fight odors with Febreze odor-elimination technology. It removes lingering smells so you can enjoy the scent of Gain Original.

In The Washer Try:

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Add scent to every wash with fabric softener and Fireworks.

In the Dryer Try

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Place the Gain Forget Me Not Dryer Bar in your dryer for more amazing scent and less static every time you dry.

Product Comparison

Flings Liquid Detergent Fabric Softener Fireworks Scent Booster Dryer Sheets Forget Me Not Dryer Bar Powder Detergent
Description Toss a fling in the wash for laundry detergent that smells amazing and is simple to use. Explore the many scents that clean laundry and leave amazing freshness. Add fabric softener to the wash for fluffy, great-smelling clothes. Pump up your laundry's scent when you add Fireworks to the wash cycle. Toss a sheet in the dryer for extra scent, more softness, and less static. Use a dryer bar for more amazing scent and less static every time you dry. The clean you love and scents you crave are available in powder form.
Available Scents: Original and Moonlight Breeze Original, Lavender, Island Fresh, Floral Fusion, Ocean Escape, Icy Fresh Fizz, Original With Clean Boost, Sunflower & Sunshine, Hawaiian Aloha, Thai Dragon Fruit and Apple Mango Tango Original, Lavender, Island Fresh, Floral Fusion, Sunflower & Sunshine, Apple Mango Tango, and Dreamy Desire Original, Sweet Sizzle, and Moonlight Breeze Original, Lavender, Island Fresh, and Apple Mango Tango Original Original, Lavender, Island Fresh, Floral Fusion, Ocean Escape, Icy Fresh Fizz, Hawaiian Aloha, Thai Dragon Fruit and Apple Mango Tango

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Gain flings work?
Flings clean, add amazing Gain scent, fight stains with Oxi, and use Febreze odor-elimination technology all in one. The unique, multi-chamber design allows ingredients to remain separate, stable, and potent - mixing only when they hit the wash for amazing scent and cleaning.

How do I use flings?
Place a fling in the washing machine drum before you add clothes (never add to the dosing drawer). For especially dirty loads, you can add a second fling.

Do flings work in front- and top-loading machines?
Yes, they work well in standard and high-efficiency machines. The formula is designed to prevent oversudsing while also giving a great, scent-filled clean.

Will they dissolve in cold water?
Yes, the film is designed to dissolve in all water temperatures, hot or cold.

Do flings work equally well on whites and colors?
Yes. Gain flings have been thoroughly tested on all sorts of laundry conditions and are safe for both whites and colors.

Should I worry about staining or residues?
No. Flings are designed to dissolve completely in all water temperatures and will not stain your clothes when used as directed.

Product Details

  • Publication Date: 2013-12-07
  • Publisher: Procter & Gamble - Household/Laundry/Food
  • Product Group: Health and Beauty
  • Manufacturer: Procter & Gamble - Household/Laundry/Food
  • Binding: Health and Beauty
  • Brand: GAIN
  • Features:
    • Gain Original scent will freshen every fiber, so your nose and clothes will thank you.
    • Enjoy the matching Gain Original scent in liquid fabric softener, Fireworks, and dryer sheets.
    • Laundry detergent that smells so great and is so simple to use, it makes doing laundry almost exciting.
    • Love the scent or your money back! (Visit for details. Must send dated receipt within 30 days of purchase. Limit one refund per household. Valid only in the U.S.)
    • Take the great scent of Gain all around your house with products made for a great clean and an even greater scent.
    • Everything you love about Gain is even betterand smallerwith the most Gain scent, the stain-fighting power of Oxi, and the odor-fighting freshness of Febreze. With more to love in every fling, it's music to your nose. (Most Gain scent ingredients as compared to Gain Original liquid laundry detergent.)
  • Item Dimensions:
    • Dimensions: 470L x 875W x 885H
    • Weight: 468
  • Package Dimensions:
    • Dimensions: 880L x 850W x 440H
    • Weight: 475
  • List Price: $24.41
  • Model Number: NA
  • UPC: 037000868026

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